24 March 2008

VSTS links Outside MS Site

Very Important Links Outside MS Site & MSDN Site: both versions (2005 , 2008) :

  1. VSTS Community (Blogs, Forums, Photos, Tutorials, Files ( URL : http://teamsystemrocks.com/).Very nice Blog (Visual Studio Team System: tips, tricks, and techniques (URL : ।">http://blogs.vertigosoftware.com/teamsystem/default.aspx)।
  2. Old Friend Blog "Ayman Badawi's VSTS Blog" (URL : http://abadawi.blogspot.com/)।Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals MVPs Blog (URL : http://msmvps.com/blogs/vstsblog/default.aspx)
  3. Very Useful Links (URL : http://www.dotnet-online.com/teamsystem/default.aspx
  4. News Letters (URL : http://www.tfstimes.com/news/).
  5. This is a list of various Visual Studio Team System add-ins, add-ons, widgets, and extensibility solutions (URL : http://widgets.accentient.com/ ) Just ALL the Tools needed for VSTS and TFS .
  6. All Resources Links for VSTS and TFS (URL : http://www.cshost.members.winisp.net/blog/vstsresources.html )
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